I’ve been declined elsewhere. Can I still get approved for financing?
The approval process at YYC Credit is one that will leave you feeling as if anything’s possible. We’ve made it quick, easy and hassle-free for anyone to apply; just fill out our 30 second form and let us work the rest of the magic! Your information is strictly confidential with no chance of third party companies seeing your details. Once we get approved by lenders, we’ll do what we can to help find you a great vehicle fit for you.
In the best of circumstances, we’ll get you in your new car before 24 hours have passed. Some people can even leave with a new vehicle just two short days after they come to us! It doesn’t matter if there’s not enough time for financing or trade-ins–we’re here to make it happen so that nothing stands between you and finding a safer ride home today.
Yes! In fact, we have many buyers from out-of-province. We can either arrange to ship the vehicle to you or for an even better experience come pick it up yourself and test drive a few of our other options while you’re here!
YYC Credit is one of the best auto dealers in Canada for AMVIC licensed vehicles. They have a transparent and compliant business that plays by all of the rules & regulations so you’ll always feel happy about your purchase!
We understand that not everyone has the best credit history and we pride ourselves in our ability to genuinely help those individuals out via our Credit Rebuilding Program. We cater to all car buyers, not just “sub-prime”. We carry anything from a reliable Toyota Camry to a swanky Audi R8! Rest assured, if we don’t have what you’re looking for now, with one of the most well stocked inventory’s around…we will be more than happy (and willing)to find it for you at prices anyone can afford!
Every car is a gem in our eyes! Yes, we accept trades at fair market value. We will appraise your vehicle and determine what it’s worth so that you get the best price possible for both of us involved.
The warranty we offer is second to none. We are the only company with a comprehensive protection plan for our customers.
You’re about to get a new set of wheels, and you won’t have any worries! We offer Carfax reports on all our vehicles. Plus, we perform an inspection that will leave your car in the best shape possible for years down the road!
Credit is a pain. We get it, we all make mistakes and slip up sometimes when trying to be responsible adults out here in the world but credit isn’t something that can just magically fix itself overnight like many would wish for; you have to work hard at rebuilding your credit by making sure any loans or instalment plans are paid off on time! The best way (and most effective) thing you could do today if you want to rebuild your credit score is apply for an auto loan – banks will see how much effort this person has put into improving his/her life financially and they’ll approve them faster than ever before.
Rather than be stressed about how you’re going to pay off all your debts, come find out more from YYC Credit! We offer super easy monthly payments that make it really simple. And the best part is our program will improve your credit score in no time at all–you’ll get an extra boost just for signing up with us!
When it comes to finding the perfect car for your needs, whatever they may be, we’ve seen and heard about everything. Whether you’re a student who is new in Canada or someone with limited credit history- don’t worry! We’ll get you behind the wheel of something that suits your lifestyle best…with our financing plans tailored specifically to what’s important to YOU. Whatever type of vehicle works for you–whether used cars are more up your alley than new ones; whether Mercedes Benz sedans suit all occasions; or if there is an SUV out there that will fit anything from work trips on weekends—we’ve got just what it takes at YYC Credit.